World's first white label banking app
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White-label wallet, with its own ecosystem and dual coin platform

that allows you to spend all your currencies including crypto immediately, no matter what your crypto is.

We are using our own security system ALLOMONE developed with top cyber-safe experts.
Speed and Cost
Speed and Cost
Everything is real time, even payments across the world are proceed in seconds. Cost for single payment is low as 0.
Bank ready
Bank ready
We are using worldwide accepted security protocol like ISO 20022, MFA, 3D- secure payments and KYC and we support anti-money laundering policy.
Mining free
Mining free
ECO - friendly system, due to a dual coin system we can provide you service with literally zero fee.
0 % conversion fees
0 % conversion fees

PAGU Real-time transactions

Finally no stress about being legal when spending your crypto ! Also Finally PFM* that everyone will love !

pfm - personal money manager


Our Advisors and Team
Results. That’s the goal. And we bet on character and skills. That’s why our team is great in cooperation between artists and math – security experts, true Entrepreneurs and believers with passion.

The team is still growing.

What exactly Pagu is?

Pagu is a wallet of tomorrow. In Esperanto, the word “Pagu” means to pay. Pagu is a global payment solution ecosystem, designed for Banks. Pagu algorithm allows you to use crypto in an everyday life, exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies. Pagu is a real revolution for banking.

Pagu Journey

"Time is free, but it’s priceless" - Harvey Mackay

2017 Summer
Safest crypto-wallet project, idea of decentralized-centralized payment solution
2017 September
First team gathering
2018 January
Developing a unique software with the dual payment system (theoretically)
2018 February
PENA Token made…
2018 June
Strategy change to create a white-label app
2018 July
Worldwide research about legal of STO
2018 August
Company Based in Singapore
2018 October
SW Architecture
2018 November
Team expanding ( up to 20 people )
2019 March
First Investors round
June 2019
PAGU White Label ready for market

Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions. When it comes to crypto it’s even more complicated. Here are some of the most asked and answered ones.

How do you know it is safe?

We provide the same banking and transaction standard as your regular bank in your country. Furthermore, Pagu is made as a decentralized, cloud based service, security is our main goal and we put our names on it. If you hack regular bank - you have acces to all passwords, balances etc. If you hack other crypto or mobile wallet - > all these wallets have the same problem - they store all of your data. We don’t. We have Allomone. That's why we are one of the safest ones.

Is it really that fast? What if there are a lot of users?

Pagu is highly scalable. More users we have the faster the system is. Also more users we have the harder to hack the account or transaction. Everybody is welcomed. And due to a dual coin system, all transactions happen really in mili-seconds.

Why use the Dual Coin system?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc .... all these has one big problem for the future - Mining. Not just mining and the cost, but the power supply it self.. Another problem is that more people are using them, the slower system is. We have a simple solution. Dual coin. We use our very own coin inside the app. That generates zero cost, ultra-fast connections and more - we are decentralized, we have your own "block" for storing all the transaction called list of proof. 

Why should I invest in your ICO?

As every investment its difficult to promise or to say " this will make you money " . But we belive that we have new and fresh product, that will be used worldwide for international transactions and for daily expenses with crypto. We put a lot of efford, our money and time to make it. And we belive that this is not just great product / service , but its also somethink the market needs and a lot of people is awaiting.

Is there some bounty reward?

Yes. From every transaction, you are being rewarded with Pagu coin ( PGU). And As we are planning STO all token holders we have a share of earnings every year of the Pagu profit. 

I’ve never tried crypto. Will I understand this app?

Please, check our app preview. It's cool, right? Our main target is to make it as easy to use as possible. No matter what,  you will understand our crypto app. The app do every hard work for you. Read more in White Paper or wait for a beta version of Pagu.

Can I withdraw my crypto with your app?

That's all based on the Bank that is going to use our white label. But YES, when you go through the KYC and AML, you can withdraw all cryptos you can prove that is legal.


We are a true game changer

With Pagu you can store, earn, spend, send money and much more. Everything is eco-friendly.

IOT ready

The platform and the language that the app is using is programmed for the future. We believe that in the future you can pay with the things you use the most for its “utility consumption”. For example, You fuel your car, and the car automatically pays for it. You order food for home and your fridge pays for it, all securely connected to Pagu / Your Bank provider.

No mining cryptocurrency

Mining is extremely energy exhausting. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of mining, our planet won’t be able to produce/handle that much energy. With a dual coin system, we can provide you with literally zero transaction fees. Only minded coins are used in the platform.



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